Independent Valuations

SLM Corporate provides a range of valuation services to listed and unlisted Australian companies of all sizes across a broad range of sectors.

Whether you’re buying, selling or restructuring a business, conducting a strategic review, raising or allocating capital, or meeting your financial reporting obligations, an accurate understanding of value is essential.

Company and business unit valuations

We draw on decades of experience working across a range of industries to provide valuation advice that’s clear and comprehensive, and helps you understand the true value of an organisation or independent business unit. Our clients use our independent valuations for a range of purposes.

Intellectual property and intangible asset valuations

Valuing intangible assets, including intellectual property, is a complex undertaking that requires advanced technical expertise and multifaceted analysis. SLM Corporate supports clients with the valuation of a range of intangible assets, including IP, goodwill, brands, trademarks, patents, and customer and supplier relationships. Whether you’re seeking a valuation for tax and accounting purposes or to support a transaction, we provide clear, concise and expert guidance.

Employee share-based compensation and convertible instruments

We routinely value all types of instruments designed for incentive structures – both simple and complex – for financial reporting purposes. This includes valuations of short and long-term bonuses, shares, options, convertible notes, and performance rights.

How we can help

Our significant experience and thorough, structured approach let us provide trusted business valuations that empower you to make commercial decisions with confidence.

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